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Be the Master of Your Own Journey to Success

Secrets of Self-Starters Dr. Julie Miller states that “the only thing that separates successful Self-Starters from those who are not is that they took action!  They got up, got going and got started!” You can too!

Most Self-Starters are not born with a silver spoon, so how did they get from there…to here? How did they achieve stand out success in their chosen field? The secrets lie in the nine key traits common to many Self-Starters.  What are those traits and how do you measure up? Where do you excel?  Which traits resonate with you?

                • Vision
                • Passion
                • Perserverance
                • Self-Motivation
                • Seizing Opportunities
                • Risk-Taking
                • Creativity
                • Positive Thinking
                • Compassion

How can you get from where you are today to where you want to be? You may want to start by reading this book for guidance and inspiration.  You will learn from the real life wisdom of real people who had the foresight and right attitude to capitalize on their traits to propel themselves forward.  You will read about the Self-Starter working in the academic world who is well on her way to curing Alzheimer’s, and the intrapreneur who rose to the top of her company by taking risks, and all the entrepreneurs who didn’t let poverty or multiple setbacks or an inability to speak English to stand in their way.

Dr. Julie Miller was intrigued into studying what traits self-starters had in common and why they were so likely to achieve success. Being a Self-Starter by nature, Dr. Miller went out and interviewed hundreds of Self-Starters and profiled 48 of them in her book.  Dr. Julie’s short but surprisingly deep stories and lessons inspire, motivate and empower.  This thought-provoking blend unlocks readers’ potential and helps kick-start their Self-Starter success!  Who can benefit from reading these engaging stories?  I did! And so can anyone who is curious about how successful people got that way and wants to know how to do the same.

If you are in the corporate world and want to ignite your team, Dr. Miller is a speaker, trainer and consultant.  She has developed exciting new programs to help corporations or teams recognize, recruit and retain talent that are Self-Starters and can help take your business to the next level.  Self-Starters are the ones who get things done, the ones who make powerful and positive contributions to life and to your organization.   They have the vision to drive innovation and grow the bottom line.

Dr. Miller offers free assessments to see how you or your team fare.  Click here to sign up for a free newsletter and assessment.





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