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Live the Life You Were Meant to Live

Do you want more in your life? Are you living your dreams?


Business Coach – Life Coach – Success Coach

Work with an “Intuitive Trailblazer” to discover & develop your own game changing path.

Stuck in life or career, plowing through every day but know there is more to life? Or a student, trying to decide on your field of study or life’s journey?  I have a creative, intuitive, exclusive revolutionary system that guides entrepreneurs, professionals, stay-at-home parents or students through the process of truly connecting with and understanding their unique gifts in this world allowing them to discover and blaze their own trail creating a life full of happiness and success.

Are you spending your days the way you want to? Do you love every part of your life? Are you excited about what you are doing or learning?

 “The luckiest, happiest and most successful people I know…are doing what they love and loving what they do.  Why not you?” -Marla Williams

Or do you find yourself on the treadmill of life with no time to think about or follow your true passions?  Or are you struggling with figuring out what you want to do or how to live the life you dream of?

If that’s the case, work with me, that’s the problem I solve. I have created a practical yet incredibly successful system for entrepreneurs, professionals, stay-at-home parents or students who are ready to discover their potential and design the life they are meant to live.

My “Unlock Your D.N.A. – Design Your Perfect Life™” system takes you through an excavation and discovery process to help you discern your D.N.A. -Defining Natural Attributes™. These gifts, the things you do so naturally are often overlooked but when capitalized on are the key to your ultimate success and happiness in business and life.

Be confident that by the end of our discovery, you will have extreme clarity around who you are and what you are meant to be and do in this world. Once we know and understand your gifts, your D.N.A., we can design the perfect life, the perfect degree, perfect career or the perfect marketing materials depending on what your needs are. Know that by the end of the process, you’ll be highly energized and well ahead of where you would be on your own.

If you are a business owner, professional or entrepreneur, are you ready to…

• convert your gifts and dreams into a scalable, growing business that gives you the life you desire?

• accelerate the growth of your startup or existing business by reaching your ideal clients more easily and quickly?

If you are at student, would you like to…

• obtain extreme clarity on who you are and what you want to be in this world?

• make clear and confident decisions on colleges and programs that capitalize on your unique gifts and passions?

Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad who wants more in life? What would it feel like to…

• find tremendous clarity on what you were meant to do or accomplish in your life?

• at long last, assuredly start a business, group or project that has been manifesting in your mind for years?

• confidently re-enter the work force?

When you hire me, you get…

1. A Trailblazing, Pioneering Expert –  I am a natural at starting or building successful companies and programs and helping others do the same. It’s what I do. I have 25 years of groundbreaking game changing experiences founding new degrees, programs, departments, schools and companies. You can rest assured that I will help you take your life, your company and/or your dreams to a higher level in less time.

2. Inspiring, Intuitive, Problem Solving Mastermind – I leverage over 25 years of strategic business building and problem solving leadership experience with my phenomenal intuitional insights and powerful listening skills.   I inspire and teach you how to connect  with and listen to your own inner wisdom allowing you to discover your own solutions that will always lead to greater happiness and success.

3. Perseverance and Unwavering Belief in You –  I have tremendous patience and staying power allowing me lovingly and supportively walk my clients through difficult change so they can begin to live the life they dream of.  As a result, you will gain tremendous clarity, strength and confidence to be able to forge your own unique path. The world will be a better place when each of us listens to our hearts and follows the path that we are meant to be on. I will help you connect with and follow your purpose.

4. Extraordinary Customer Experience – I know what it looks like and feels like to receive phenomenal customer service and I am a master at ensuring every client gets that outstanding responsiveness and service each and every time they talk to me or work with me.  You will always walk away thrilled with the outcome of your experience.

You’ve got a trail to blaze, let’s get to work.  Request a free consultation, now!

With the right kind of coach, you will have one person among all the people in your business life and your personal life who you can rely on to help you put your own objectives first.
-Lewis Schiff, author Business Brilliant


In Marla’s Words

“I am happy, healthy and inspired because what I do each day is making a real difference in the lives of others. I help men and women re-connect with themselves and begin to love life.”

“I help them discover their own inner compass and true purpose. This allows them to expand and grow in ways they never thought possible so they begin to live the life they were meant to live.”

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What a few of Marla’s clients have to say…

Marla- I don’t think 2 days go by that I don’t think about how much you helped me. You are a blessing to my life and I am amazed by your brain! You understand exactly what I am trying to do and exactly who I am! You are just amazing. Thank you for all of this! Best money I have spent yet on my business has been having YOU as my coach! I look forward to talking to you and having you coach me again. Like I said, your coaching was one of the best investments I made in the start of my business, thank you always for that.-Jeanette L., Entrepreneur/Business Owner, Chico Hills, CA


Marla is my career coach and personal life success coach. She has helped me achieve amazing results in every part of my life. Through Marla’s unique and transformative coaching, I have witnessed a 25% growth in my business productivity while simultaneously reducing my stress and work load. Marla is not only an expert in her field but her devotion, integrity and techniques are transformational. Her teachings are so valuable to me not only in my business world but my personal life as well. -Jen Harper, Principal at Infused Real Estate/Coldwell Banker Bain

Through Marla’s transformative coaching, I was able to move past negativity into a more positive and empowering mindset. In just 5 short weeks of working with Marla, I moved from feeling “stuck in life” into accepting my first post college professional career position. She helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities and now just a few short months later, I am thoroughly enjoying life again and am one of the top producing new employees in my company exceeding quota every month. Marla is a phenomenal resource and I would recommend her services not only to those who seek re-examining of their career goals, but also to those who need an extra push with their work day to day. Without her I would be lost. Thank you, Marla. -Kelsea L, Sales Professional, Seattle, WA

Marla is in a league all her own. Being coached by Marla has given me confidence in myself. Thanks to Marla, new opportunities are opening up to me all the time. I am earning a higher level of income, winning more clients, making more sales and experiencing a higher level of success and happiness than ever before. -Judy, Event Planner and Travel Professional and Business Owner, NJ

I’m a strong, successful business woman looking for a coach to help me hone my skills to sky-rocket my business and personal life. Marla has helped me make powerful changes in both my professional and personal life. She identified small steps we could make as a company to grow our business. We implemented her suggestion that week and gained new clients as a result. She is partially to thank for our 15%+ business growth this year (and we are still growing). She has provided valuable input that is helping me take our company to new levels. Marla’s combination of clarity, warmth and high integrity make her an ideal coach. -Christina, Chief Experience Officer, San Francisco, CA

Marla brings intuitive capabilities to business processes. She combines performance coaching and project management tools to guide clients toward the “Practical Solution Zone” of their greatness.
-J. Hall, Organizational Change Management, Houston, TX

Marla’s coaching has helped me absolutely transform my life. I was just going through the motions feeling alone and not actually enjoying the experience living brings. I have had a lot of coaching over the years and Marla was the one who was actually able to take me there. -Suzanne, Burlington, VT

We hired Marla Williams, as a life coach, for my sister who has suffered from serious depression, anxiety and panic attacks for the last 20 years. She has attempted suicide several times in the last 10 years and been hospitalized with in and out patient treatments that had no lasting effects. We had tried everything over these years trying to help, psychiatrists, therapists; psychologists who continued to prescribe different drugs that helped temporarily but always failed to heal her. Her latest psychiatrist told us she will never be healed and that she has a chronic disease and will be on medication for the rest of her life. That was the breaking point. We knew we had to find an alternative for her to lead a healthy, joyful, productive life. This is when we sought out Marla; to try a completely different refreshing approach. Marla has been working with her for 5 months and we have seen amazing results. Marla’s approach, through lifestyle changes, helped to pull her out of this depressed state she lived in and began to enjoy life again. Instead of hiding behind all the pain and anguish she began to get up each day ready to follow through on her assignments and be productive. She is now working again and she had not worked in over 3 years. She is finding her purpose in life; feeling productive, respected, and needed again. She is learning to love herself and therefore able to love others. We have not seen this type of progress ever before. We are very thankful to Marla and what she has done for her and are very optimistic for the future. – A Grateful Family, Seattle, WA