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– Diane L.

“We hired Marla Williams, as a life coach, for my sister who has suffered from serious depression, anxiety and panic attacks for the last 20 years.   She has attempted suicide several times in the last 10 years and been hospitalized with in and out patient treatments that had no lasting effects.   We had tried everything over these years trying to help, psychiatrists, therapists; psychologists who continued to prescribe different drugs that helped temporarily but always failed to heal her.  Her latest psychiatrist told us she will never be healed and that she has a chronic disease and will be on medication for the rest of her life. That was the breaking point.  We knew we had to find an alternative for her to lead a healthy, joyful, productive life.


This is when we sought out Marla; to try a completely different refreshing approach.  Marla has been working with her for 5 months and we have seen amazing results. Marla’s approach, through lifestyle changes, helped to pull her out of this depressed state she lived in and began to enjoy life again.  Instead of hiding behind all the pain and anguish she began to get up each day ready to follow through on her assignments and be productive.  She is now working again and she had not worked in over 3 years.  She is finding her purpose in life; feeling productive, respected, and needed again.  She is learning to love herself and therefore able to love others. We have not seen this type of progress ever before.  We are very thankful to Marla and what she has done for her and are very optimistic for the future.”

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