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– J.B.

I was so fortunate to work with Marla Williams at a time when I needed it for the past several months, and was feeling stuck. 

With her skills, Marla uncovered the blocks that were holding me back and keeping me stuck while providing excellent tools to shift them at a deep level allowing me to heal and move forward in life. Marla helped me learn to get out of my head and into my heart.   I am so much more in tune to what feels right for me now.  I have learned to stop trying to push square pegs into round holes. I have learned to quit trying so hard and how to allow what is meant to be.  She taught me to listen to my inner wisdom and now I have so much more clarity on who I am and what I should be doing in this world and am finally beginning to build my business in a way that feels good.    

I benefitted greatly from Marla’s coaching services and recommend her highly. Marla is a warm and generous human being/coach.

 -JB, Coach/Business Owner, San Francisco, CA

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