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– Alan M.

“Before working with Marla I had already been on a journey of personal exploration and had compiled a list of my personal strengths.  Marla’s strengths and values process took me to a whole new level of insight and clarity in this area that has been super helpful and inspiring for me.  I also worked with her on events from the past that seemed to be roadblocks for me and Marla was able to use several different processes for exploring and interpreting these events in a way that allowed me to move beyond the stuck point and onto new positive territory moving forward.  I thought I had a great resume but Marla was able to bring her insight and perspective to my resume and improve it greatly.  The tools and practices Marla shares are a great foundation for understanding yourself, managing your life, and taking charge of where you want to go.  Marla has always been available on short notice and has been there with solid advice and counsel all along the way.  I have gotten so much benefit from working with Marla it is hard to convey with words alone.  I heartily recommend Marla as a life coach.”

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