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– A. Lindsay-Eells, Sr. Regional Manager, MLM

My life is so much more calm and balanced with the family time I craved. If feel like I am back in control of my life and businesses and working smarter not harder. I feel like I can handle my busy schedule without feeling stressed or frazzled. I now look forward to my day off without feeling guilty.

My greatest success is that my daughter and I have had a lot more time together to do fun things and hubby and I are back to going on date nights and weekend getaways to recharge. I feel that was the biggest part of my frustration and overwhelm is having my own businesses to have the life I want but then not having the life I want. I am loving my family time while still building top ranked teams and growing my income with less hours! Love it!

Marla has helped me in several ways: getting back to my heart’s desire (more family time and one on one time with our teenage daughter), she helped me clarify what to focus on and where to spend my time and helped me clarify who my ideal customers and teammates are…allowing me to grow and expand my business without sacrificing my family or my health.

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