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– Andrew DeNance, Qualitative Research Manager

“Marla Williams has been coaching me for four months, and I am experiencing tremendous results!  I am more focused, more energized and most importantly I am less stressed.  What was most interesting to me about this process was the way that Marla so quickly assessed what I needed—immediately.  She respected me and treated me as the individual I am, and listened—really listened, very intently to my situation, concerns and issues.  Our business relationship (coach/client) developed from this, and I am now feeling so much better about myself– with more clarity and confidence, and also more awareness about the direction of my life.

Marla is an extraordinarily competent coach, who has demonstrated the wisdom and practical tools to support my personal and professional growth.  She no doubt has the “cost of entry” qualifications to be the exceptional coach that she is, but what I see as her most valuable and richest asset is that she always leads with her heart.  Marla truly walks her talk, and she does so with an abundance of love and passion.  Marla is an amazing coach and a stellar human being, and has thus earned my utmost trust and respect.”

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