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– Dani Turk

My work with Marla has forever changed my life!

I sought out Marla for job coaching; I had just been terminated from my dream job and had fallen into a deep depression. Marla understood that I was heartbroken, felt little hope and was stuck in the pain of having been betrayed.

Marla listened, was fully present and exceptionally compassionate. She approached every session with concrete tools I could immediately put to use. And while my goals for my time with Marla were specific to determining my current and future career direction, I realized through our work together that my challenges went beyond my employment crisis; I was getting in my own way in all areas of my life.  Marla taught me how to shift my patterns from fear based thinking and ego driven behavior into being heart centered and present. Marla gently guided me through exercises to release old wounds and places I was stuck to allow for the healing I needed.

Through Marla’s coaching I found what feels to be a dream job with a boss that operates from integrity. And overall, I feel more peaceful, joyful and alive than ever.

Marla is a true life coach; her authenticity and integrity is ever present. Her passion and care are unwavering.  I can always count on Marla to be there. There are no words to express my gratitude for Marla’s profound positive effect on the shifts she helped me make and the way I choose to live my life as a result.

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