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– J. Lucero, Founder 85/15 Lifestyle

I don’t think 2 days go by that I don’t think about how much Marla helped me. She is a true blessing to my life and I am amazed by her brain! She understands exactly what I am trying to do and exactly who I am! She is just amazing. Best money I have spent yet on my business has been having MARLA as my coach! I look forward to talking to her and having her coach me again. Marla’s coaching was one of the best investments I made in the start of my business.

My greatest success is and has been that I am balancing my family/personal life as a mother of 3 and wife and still successfully running a happy business. This was a major concern when I went to Marla. I had been a stay at home mother for 13 years and was embarking on starting a brand new business. I was afraid I could not manage both but also knew I wanted both. Marla assured me and helped me find the answers, comfort and peace I needed within to know I could do it with proper balance.

Marla has a well-developed, keen way of connecting with her clients that allows her to be on their wave length enabling her to better understand them, help them and work with them. She is not a woman to fluff the truth and will be straight forward in a tasteful way but never made me feel judged or bad. She is a truly gifted human being in her coaching and coupled with her incredible past career and accomplishments makes her a true master in the industry. Marla was a complete blessing.

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