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Empower Your Team

We all know that one of us cannot do as much as all of us.  How magical would it be if you and your team felt powerfully energized and empowered every single day?  You can do this!  You can easily transition into an empowered team and culture!

How you ask?

Believe in your team! Show you trust them!

It is great when people believe in their leader but it is even more powerful and amazing when a leader believes in his/her people.  The best way to truly connect with this concept is to put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel.    You can tell when people believe in you and when they don’t.  Just as your team can tell if you believe in them or not. Empower your team today by believing in them and showing this in every single thing that you do! Verbal and non-verbal.  Recognize achievements.  Give words of encouragement and support!  If you are truly acting in integrity, they will feel it and they will respond as an empowered team!

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About Marla:

Marla Williams helps individuals and companies reach new levels of success!

She has held progressively responsible leadership positions and was a key team player in helping grow a $12 million dollar company into a $2.3 billion dollar global company while building extreme customer loyalty. Her extensive professional back ground in leadership, strategic planning, human resource management, training and development, project/product management, marketing, customer solutions, consulting, coaching and speaker management makes her uniquely able to understand and address issues across a wide variety of teams and organizations.  Her lean training allows her to zone in on cost-effective, value-added solutions that intended to exceed your expectations. Marla’s coaching training has taken her on the ultimate journey which has provided her with the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you find your path to a bold new way of living so you are also fulfilling your dreams. Marla Williams is available for coaching, consulting or is happy to speak or conduct training for your team. Call Practical Solutions at 425-985-3398 or click here to learn more about Marla Williams.

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