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Ideas for Increasing Creativity

Ideea conceptHow do you feel when someone likes your idea and supports it?   Pretty darn good, I would venture to guess.   How do you feel when someone puts down your idea?  I would guess….not good at all.


You can kill a relationship, stifle creativity and destroy the potential for a great relationship or culture by putting down others ideas or suggestions or cutting people off without listening as it makes them feel stupid or inadequate.


There is not one person or one team in the world that needs one more person to tell them what is wrong or what sucks.  What is the point of that?  Who does it help?


  1. The easiest route to fostering creativity is through positive feedback and encouragement. If you want to create an innovative culture…you must create an environment that fosters creativity.  This means encouraging and celebrating new ideas whether they are perfect or not.  The point is to inspire ideas and show your appreciation for ideas even if they aren’t implemented.  You never know…one seemingly crazy or silly idea may lead to the perfect solution.  It is about getting the ideas flowing that builds team and support. Instead of focusing on what is wrong or what or why it won’t work, leaders and teams that ponder the idea and ask what could work about that or what is possible…are the teams that succeed.
  1. An important point to understand is that when person has an idea…they usually have a goal in mind about improving something. Improving something is good!   Improving something can make a task easier, more profitable or even more fun, etc.   It is looking at what you have always done and seeing that there may be a different and better way to that same thing.

If you want to build a strong team and culture, nurturing ideas and suggestions is a good practice. Be open to the fact that it might mean being open to people suggesting the most hair brained ideas and ask is it possible?  My advice…be open to anything.


Ask yourself, am I saying yes?  Am I opening up the funnel of creativity or shutting it down.  Great leaders of great teams are aware of how they respond. They are aware of how they impact others.   It is totally and completely up to each of you…every time you open your mouth, you choose what comes out.  Is it positive, is it kind? Does it foster more ideas?


When every member of the team feels safe sharing, becomes engaged, never feels judged and truly wants to make a difference is when the magic happens.   Everyone feels connected and cohesive and the results can be amazing!


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