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Learning to Live with Ease and Grace

Wouldn’t it be truly amazing to live a stress-free life with ease and grace?   Why can’t you?  Did you know it is a choice?

I believe we are meant to be floating in happiness, health and harmony with a life full of friends and laughter.  That is our natural state, our default position.   It is a given if you allow it.  That is the key…you must set the intention to live with ease and grace and expect it, know it, feel it, believe it and do it.  This requires that you stop the argument that struggle is your norm.  The trick to that is learning to catch and let go of struggles and your ego.  Don’t feed them.  What you feed grows.  Instead focus your attention and your intentions on what you do want.

Think about this for minute.  When you are in a state of joy and happiness, when everything is going right…you feel happy inside, full of joy and bliss.  That feeling of joy and happiness is your natural state when you allow it to be.  We were born that way.  Watch a 1 or 2-year-old totally in the moment doing something they love.  That is their natural state.   If you take their toy or their focus of attention away from them, they may cry.  But when they are totally absorbed and focused in the moment doing what makes them happy, doing something they love…they are in a state of bliss and often don’t notice anything going on around them.

It is natural    It is about being at peace within.  That is the state we should all learn to live in.  Growing up and meeting expectations and trying to prove ourselves is what takes us out of that state.   There is nothing natural about living a life filled with stress, anxiety or having feelings of despair or depression.  Our culture, our society and our high family expectations are what take us off course.  We are trying to fit in, be liked, be popular and be successful.  We learn to put all those pressures and expectations in front of our happiness.  I can tell you success, material things or even belonging to certain groups does not create happiness.  They can but it is not a given.  The goal is to find happiness first and success will follow.

When we are trying to please everyone else, fit in and keep up, we get stressed and overwhelmed and out of balance.  When we are that way…it is not healthy nor the state we want to be in for very long and definitely not for extended periods. These abnormal ways of being anxious or agitated cause health issues and throw off our balance.  You may end up with an upset or nervous stomach or always feel discomfort or have difficulty sleeping or get angry easily.   These are not your natural state.

You have the power to create a naturally stress-free and tranquil life but it has to be a conscious choice.  You have to recognize when you aren’t and stop it.  And once you stop it and let it go, you can move towards listening to and following your heart.  When you follow your heart, your energy and your bliss, you will learn and grow in a connected way and not in a head based way.  DO NOT let your EGO control your life and happiness….let your heart. You will begin to live with the ease and grace that you talk about each day in your intentions. When you do this, you will be happier, lighter and flowing.  You will be following your light!  You will be living with ease and grace!

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