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Make Happiness Your Default Setting

Have you ever received Happiness Training?  Most people don’t.  You don’t learn about happiness in school.  It is not necessarily taught to us by our parents or in grade school or even in Jr High or High School.  There are a few classes relating to happiness in some colleges but it is not a common focus for many universities.   So if we aren’t taught this in school or even from our parents…how do we learn to be happy?  What can we do to begin to make decisions that bring happiness to our day every day?

What is Happiness?  Happiness is different for every one.  In general, it is the positive emotions and pleasure that usually comes from having deeper feelings of meaning and purpose.  It is the joy we feel doing what we love or striving for things that are meaningful to us.

Being Happy actually gives you a biological advantage.  There have been studies done that actually show that happy people are more productive and perform at a higher level.  What it means to be happy is different for every single person.  It is based on your own perspectives, beliefs, life experiences. It is how you feel.  It is self-reported.

The advantage of happiness is boundless.  There was a group of researchers who did an analysis on 200 different happiness studies that spanned 275,000 people and they found that happiness leads to success in almost every domain of a person’s life, including marriage, health, friendship, community involvement, creativity, jobs, career and business.   The data shows that happy workers are more productive, produce higher sales, perform better in leadership positions, receive higher ratings and higher pay.   They have more job security, take less sick days and are less likely to become burned out.   Happy CEO’s are more likely to lead teams that are happier and healthier…the list of benefits goes on and on.

Happiness causes success: Scientists discovered proof that happiness causes success as positive emotions affect brain function and change behavior.

Are you ready to make happy your default setting? Make a list of what makes you happy and commit to doing something you love or that makes you happy daily.  Or multiple times per day.   Whether it is a novel new activity, or something you love to do, spending time with friends or providing a kindness to another.  Be grateful for all these things and that will increase your happiness also. The more you do that fills you up so you feel happy, the happier you will be by nature.   It will help you begin to make happiness your default setting!

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