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Bill Moore

SJI and Harmony Hill 057 web

  • Rhythm Drummer, Drum Circle Leader
  • Music Therapist
  • Leader of Team Building & Calming, Healing Drum Circles
  • Desert Storm Veteran


Strengthen & Empower Yourself and Your Team Through Energizing Drum Circles!

Bill Moore will guide your team through a fun and joyous drumming experience that will build teamwork and just plain make everyone feel better!Bill Moore’s Drum Circle provides an energizing celebration or experiential learning activity for a multitude of company functions and corporate events from team building to conferences to family days. A drum circle is one of the oldest teambuilding activities in existence and still provides an extremely effective, accessible, and fun way to foster team spirit, empower individuals, and leave participants experiencing both the feeling of group success and individual achievement and healing.Drummers and musicians have long known about the strong bonds and unshakable camaraderie of being in a performance ensemble together, but for most people this is a new and incredibly powerful experience with many benefits to your workforce. There is more and more scientific evidence that recreational drumming when applied correctly can significantly improve mood and reduce employee burnout in the workplace.  It is considered a true healing modality and is also effectively used for trauma relief.A Drum Circle is a safe, equal playing field where hierarchies, personal differences, and job labels disappear and all participants become one. What’s more, the objectives of your company can be skillfully integrated into a rhythm program, and the format custom tailored to the needs of your event. Your key message can be delivered experientially, verbally and metaphorically when Bill expertly guides your participants through a meaningful rhythmic journey.Some of the real benefits and transformations you will experience include:

  • Energize and uplift your group
  • Build powerful and cohesive teams
  • Lower stress and focus the mind
  • Promote cooperation and effective non-verbal communication
  • Uniting different personality types and embracing diversity
  • Stimulate creativity and improvisation
  • Demonstrate the value of an individual’s contribution to the group
  • Encourage positive risk taking
  • Instill leadership skills and shared leadership dynamics
  • Improve mood and overall feeling of wellbeing

SJI and Harmony Hill 060 webA Drum Circle for your corporate event can take on several forms depending on your needs and expectations. All rhythm events include drums and percussion instruments for up to 25 people.  There is no music or drumming experience required.If desired, the Teambuilding and other results-orientated drum circles may also involve debriefing and discussion to highlight key takeaways and help relate the experience back to the workplace. Most sessions run 30 to 90 minutes or more and can involve full-size African style drums, handheld frame drums or other small hand percussion, tuned Boomwhaker sound tubes, and/or body percussion.An Innovative Advancement in Communication and Cooperation Using Music Music Therapy:  Bill Moore is also available to do Music Therapy at healing workshops or in healthcare settings. Music therapy refers to a branch of healthcare intended for aiding physical and emotional well-being with use of music. In simple words, it refers to treatment using music.The therapy is combined with exercises.  It has proven records of success to cure stress and is evident from several studies that music has positive effect on mind and body.More and more healthcare centers, infirmaries, hospitals etc. have acknowledged the benefits of music therapy. The music therapists are in great demand in dispensaries treating cancer patients, children ADD and other patients. Many hospitals are using music therapy for pain management, depression control, to ease tension and calm the patients.About Bill MooreBill’s time in the military set him on a path of organization and leadership.  He earned many achievement medals and was promoted throughout his service.  In Desert Storm, Bill served as the Gunner for the Executive Officer on an M2 Bradley and was acting Platoon Sergeant for the Headquarters Company.  After returning from the war, Bill took what he had learned from his experience in the military and worked his way up through the ranks to into a leadership role as a superintendent for a major petroleum installation company.Bill started drumming started in 1997 when friends intervened to help him with his PTSD from Desert Storm. After his first drumming session he noticed that he was calmer than he had been in years. This set him on a path of learning, growing and healing. He found a local teacher who taught African style Djembe drumming and within a year and a half, took over teaching beginning drumming.  He earned a spot in the Earth Beat Drum and Dance Troupe and was able to experience the close bond of a working performance ensemble. In 2001 Bill co-founded Phoenix Rising Drum & Dance Troupe. Leading a troupe gave him further skills in organization and team building.In 2006 Bill crushed a vertebra in his back when scaffolding collapsed at work. During his recovery, the Veterans Administration financed a four year degree for vocational rehabilitation. He chose to study music and psychology in order to understand why drumming had had such an effect on his mental and physical health. The Evergreen State College gave him the chance to study Community Psychology, Buddhist Psychotherapy, Mind-Body Medicine and Business & Entrepreneurship. His thesis paper for Mind-Body Medicine was focused on the science of drumming and meditation as a true healing modality.Upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree, Bill applied for and received his Washington State Therapy license and started his own business in team building and stress and trauma relief using drumming and percussion.   Bill now shares his knowledge with individuals and groups by leading workshops at local organizations dedicated to improving health and wellness and with corporations to improve overall wellbeing and teamwork.   Bill has also led percussion workshops for K-12 schools which focused on team building and cognitive development. Bill has also had the honor of leading Stress Relief workshops at the Seattle World Rhythm Festival in both 2012 and 201 Participants Rave:

“Whether it was the drums, the music, or the gathering of friends it got me through another difficult period. I have never researched the effects of drumming. I just know it makes me and everyone around me feel good.” -Susan Hampton–Retired“What a wonderful team building experience. I wish we had done this earlier. It was amazing how you got our staff to work together so quickly while creating a fun, safe environment for self expression. Thank you. We look forward to your next visit.” -Sean Schroeder, CEO- STPU Sports LLC“I felt so alive during our drum circle. I laughed and smiled almost the entire time and felt such a bonding with the entire group that I had just met days ago. I walked away feeling so happy and light as if all my problems had melted away. It was a magical experience that I will never forget.” -R. Hunt“Bill’s drumming sessions with our cancer retreat participants have been a source of much inspiration and joy. Many participants have commented on his gentle, supportive approach” – Eric Blegen, Executive Director, Harmony Hill Retreat Center“I have been taking drumming lessons from Bill for several years now.  I am amazed by his ability to teach in a way that is professional  and also fun and easy to understand.  His knowledge and experience of drumming is extensive.  Whether I am learning from Bill in group or individual sessions it has helped me in so many ways.  Moving through strong emotions or physical pain, drumming has been instrumental in my healing.” -Karyn Laws, LMHC