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Cory Fossum

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Cory Fossum

  • Renown leader in Visual Storytelling
  • Award-winning marketing communications agency and social video producer
  • He helps you tell your story in ways that inspire others to take action


The Power of Storytelling

Through the power of visual storytelling, award-winning marketing copywriter and social video producer Cory Fossum shows you how to discover, craft, and tell the story of your business in ways that inspire your audience to connect and take action.As the Creative Director of Fossum Creative, an award-winning Silicon Valley marketing communications agency, Cory has worked with many of the top names in consumer technology and emerging media to create innovative marketing copy that makes gadgets and gizmos sound sexy and irresistible. His firm also works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to produce compelling social videos and design the strategies to get them in front of the most responsive audiences possible.He is an expert at taking complex technical products and directions and presenting them to readers in a manner that is compelling and easy to understand. You can easily learn and apply Cory’s effective writing strategies or work with him to create an exciting and compelling visual story about your business.

Social Video– Visual Storytelling

Through visually sharing the story of your business, Cory Fossum can help you share your establishment in a way that captivates, engages, and inspires your audience to connect and take action. Once you have a social video strategy in place, the possibilities become endless. Post videos to your social network, home page, and across the web; use them in presentations; and get others to share them with everyone they know—all the while sending everybody back to your website, where you can tell your story in even greater detail and start a conversation that may not have otherwise taken place.Here are some samples of powerful storytelling videos:

Susan Liddy

Effective Writing Skills for Business

Many of us are convinced that great writing skills are solely the domain of novelists, authors, poets, and scholars. In this module, you’ll find out just how far off base this assumption really is as we explore several of the ways you can improve your writing instantly by changing the way you think about communications. Cory will show you how to ensure that your internal and outbound communications are as clear, precise, and persuasive as they can be across a variety of media.

Writing Documents in Plain Talk

Government employees fluent in the fundamentals of Plain Talk writing can express their ideas more clearly, justify various positions with confidence, and write compelling documents that are understood by customers and the public. As a result, operations can run more efficiently, productively, and cost-effectively, while the plain language documents can be more quickly read and understood by citizens and businesses, enabling them to comply faster and more accurately with regulations.In this one day workshop, you will learn how to apply these principles of Plain Talk to write and design documents that are easy for customers to use and understand. You will discover how to use plain language in your writing so that the typical customer can act upon it in a single reading, without the need for additional clarification or support. With these effective writing and communication skills in place, you will be able to excel at what you do best– serving the public.Cory is featured in the popular “Think Like a Genius Marketing Copywriter” DVD and workbook by Everyday Genius Institute, in which he presents many of his top copywriting and creative strategies and explains how business owners can apply them to their own marketing efforts. He also shares his thoughts on visual marketing as the publisher and lead contributor to Fossum Creative’s monthly marketing newsletter.A graduate in Film Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Cory Fossum honed his writing skills as the Senior Editor of a national financial newsletter and as an ecommerce copywriter for a top handheld device company. He earned his MBA with an emphasis in marketing shortly before launching Fossum Creative in 2002. Since then, he has filled the client roster with the likes of Yahoo!, Cisco, TiVo, Symantec, Nokia, and Facebook and become known in high-tech marketing circles as Silicon Valley’s Hottest Copywriter.In an ongoing effort to keep his fingers on the pulse of modern technology, Cory lives in San Jose, California with his 8-year-old son.

Partial Client List

• Facebook• Apple• Cisco• Yahoo!• TiVo• Plantronics• Palm• Nokia• Symantec• HP• Coremetrics

Customers Rave…

Click on Name for Kelly O’Neil Video TestimonialWe have some of the biggest clients in the world, and they all ask for Cory by name. Their first comment is “He just gets it!” He understands the products and can boil down complex product features and give them the WOW factor that really sells. On top of that, he is very easy to work with and brings a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm to each project.”- Black & White Design“Cory Fossum was hired by Yahoo! for the online promotion ‘Valentines in Vegas’ sponsored by Dr Pepper. His expertise in analyzing the target audience and creating marketing materials helped the Dr Pepper brand reach millions of users on and off the Yahoo! Network.”– Yahoo! Buzz Marketing“Cory Fossum was the natural choice when we decided to overhaul our website. He did a great job of taking copy generated from several sources, re-editing it, creating their own spin, and fitting it all together in a cohesive manner. Through his efforts, our website now has one consistent voice that is customer-friendly, informative, and above all, human.”– Silicon Valley Power“My experience working with Cory is that he is an extremely skilled wordsmith and particularly talented at developing the tone and focus of a marketing message. But it’s not just his writing ability that I admire. He is a fantastically positive force to work with. He is driven, has great vision, exudes optimistic energy and is a really genuine person. He is a pleasure to work with.”-Chris Prenter, President Prenter Design Group, Inc“Cory has so much to offer to anyone that meets him. His ability to create heartfelt amazing videos is unbelievable and he communicates how to deliver effective copy incredibly. When I listened and watched his info product on copy writing I picked up tons of nuggets of information and put them to use immediately. I highly recommend Cory to anyone looking for an expert in copy and video.”-Michelle Hastie