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Edwin Edebiri, Chief Happiness Officer

2016-07-07 (10)Edwin Edebiri stepped back and looked at the recession of 2008 with all the negative news and depressing statistics and decided to make a stand.  He went out into the streets to begin to talk about and spread happiness one person at a time. What he experienced was life changing.  Not only did he begin make a difference with people walking away smiling but he actually saved at least one life for certain.

Edwin Edebiri has a passion for spreading happiness. He founded “The I am Happy Project”, now in 64 cities in 19 countries, whose mission is to spread happiness globally one person at a time. As Chief Happiness Officer, he has over 40,000 followers.  His fans were asking him, can you coach me and help me find my happiness?  Edwin can only do so much so he searched high and low to find some of the top coaches across the world who know how to help people find their own internal happiness.  He now has a strong roster of coaches who are there to help his followers find their happy.

Edwin decided he needed to reach the more people at one time, so he began to reach out to the schools to provide “I am Happy” Assemblies. Entire schools have transformed from a bullying atmosphere into a happier place.  His “aha” in the schools was how much individual happiness can create a massive chain reaction when everyone is included and they are all focused on being happy.  Whether you are seeking someone to speak at graduation or need an uplifting assembly to help change the culture of the school, Edwin is a perfect choice for you.

Edwin is an inspiring and uplifting Keynote Speaker as you will witness watching his TedX Talk on “Happiness as the Default Position”.  Edebiri also provides consulting support to help corporations create and sustain a happy and positive culture.  Studies have shown that corporations with happy cultures are more productive and attract more customers’ and what company wouldn’t want that?

Edwin’s mission is to inspire and encourage others to their full potential and have a positive impact on the world through happiness, service and love.  A dynamo of humor and enthusiasm, Edwin stands at the forefront of entrepreneurial spirit. He now has over 30 years’ experience in providing individuals and business owners hands on training in happiness, inspiring possibilities, networking, and goal setting. He is committed to helping individuals and organizations create a happier and brighter future.  If you are ready to create a happy, game-changing productive culture, then hire Edwin to speak to your company. He will not only inspire your teams but he will provide clear, concise advice on how to get everyone on the same page of happiness.

Edwin is available as a Keynote for corporate clients, civic organizations, fundraisers and educational audiences.  Hiring Edwin means you will get an inspiring, engaging, entertaining presentation full of real stories that you can relate to as well as actionable items.  You will truly benefit from Edwin’s own authentic expression of happiness as well as from his experience in spreading happiness across the world.

Presentation Titles:

Edwin personalizes and customizes each speech, presentation or training dependent on client needs.  Below are examples of topics that may work for you.

  1. Happiness is an Inside Job
  2. Happiness as a Default Position
  3. From CEO to CHO – Leaders of the Future
  4. Happiness Committees – building the right culture
  5. Happiness as a Skill

About Edwin:

Edwin Edebiri has done an extensive research on the subject of Happiness.  He interviewed thousands of people and based on their answers, he created a list of 10 concrete things people can do to become happier. Edebiri is the inspiration behind the global happiness summit and the founder of “The Happy Neighborhood Project”, a membership organization committed to increasing, sustaining and spreading happiness at Work and in the Community.  Membership fee’s support our “Happiness College Scholarship Programs” where students are awarded scholarships for doing the right things in their community and making others happy.

He holds a MBA with honors from Embry Riddle Aeronautics University in Daytona Beach. Edwin is the author of “Creating a Brighter Future: pillars of practice to put your dreams into action”, “Networking A to Z – A Bullish 41ZLUG4RD8L._AC_US240_QL65_ Approach” and the creator of an exciting activity management system called MAP, that is loaded with invaluable information that will empower you to reach your full potential. Edwin serves on the board of various profit and non for profit organizations including the Junior Achievement of Sacramento.

When not busy networking or spreading happiness, he is happily married and focuses on building happy memories with his grown children and enjoying his hobby as a pilot.