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Galen Emanuele

Galen - Bio HeadshotGalen transforms teams!  Whether you are seeking a stronger company culture where everyone is more engaged and connected resulting in more business success or you desire improved communication, teamwork resulting in increased creativity through collaboration, Galen is your guy.  His interactive and enthusiastic style will engage your people, and produce results beyond your expectations.  Get ready to Shift to YES!

Unique. Cutting Edge. More Effective.
What sets Galen’s work apart is that he delivers a unique, tangible experience for business people that is truly unavailable in any other way. Through creative, insightful interactions, Galen shifts business mindsets while providing powerful skills and concepts that your team will be inspired to apply immediately. Galen absolutely believes that no other opportunity can bring business people together the way that he does and achieve the results that he provides.  He combines entertaining engagement with content impactful enough to completely shift the way you interact. He is purpose-driven to inspire companies to create a cohesive, intentional, positive culture based on the improv principles of ‘Yes And.’ Improv and business are Galen’s two greatest loves. They are also a perfect, unlikely match and the key to an outstanding corporate culture.

Watch Galen’s TEDx talk from TEDxBellingham

As a result of working with Galen your people will:

Understand the power of communicating with ‘yes’ instead of ‘no.’
– Learn to be present, connected, and fully engaged in their communications.
– Enhance business relationships by supporting and striving to make others look good.
– Think more quickly on their feet and adapt positively to change.
– Be more creative, spontaneous, and confident; accepting ideas and embracing failure.

Keynote Presentations

Galen provides highly engaging keynotes that captivate audiences with interactive, thought-provoking exercises and activities. Participants will gain powerful skills to sharply increase positive, effective communication and interpersonal interactions by learning to apply the improv concept of ‘Yes, And.’ Galen delivers his unique, compelling content in a dynamic, entertaining way that will have attendees laughing and enjoying this impactful, memorable experience. His presentation will shift the way they interact in business; resulting in energized, inspired people excited about working together more effectively.

Your audience will love Galen’s passionate, authentic style and resonate with his insightful, powerful content; ensuring the success of your event. Excellent for conferences of any size, leadership and board retreats, and for organizations and individuals to gain dynamic skills that will help them to successfully thrive in business. Galen’s focus is on applying the improv principles of ‘Yes, And’ to business, communication, and interpersonal interactions. However, each presentation is tailored to your specific audience and objectives. Topics can include establishing a ‘Yes, And’ company culture, enhancing communication and interpersonal interactions, ‘Yes, And’ for sales, team cohesiveness, heightening creativity and innovation, and more. Contact Galen to discuss your objectives and what you’re looking to accomplish with your event.  Examples include:

Creating a ‘Yes, And’ Culture
Through creative, thought-provoking exercises, Galen will transform your team or company’s culture into one where people are engaged, connected, say yes, empower each other, and make each other look good. Bring out the best in your people and benefit your entire organization by creating a more cohesive, productive, and positive “Yes, And” culture.

“Yes, And’ for Sales
Sales is about building relationships. Learn improv techniques to boost interpersonal skills, create trust with clients, connect, be present, and adapt in the moment. Use these skills to help clients get what they want, and ultimately close more sales.

Heighten Creativity and Innovation
Unlock the creative power of your people through a series of games and exercises designed to ‘turn on the faucet’ of creative ideas. This will boost your team’s confidence, collaboration, creative process, and help them overcome the greatest obstacle to creative innovation, which is a fear of failure.

Staff and Team Workshops

Galen’s team workshops enhance strong, effective communication and establish a cohesive, positive culture based on the improv concept of ‘Yes, And.’ Galen’s enthusiastic, dynamic style and compelling content will engage and ignite your people, transforming the way they interact in business. This unique, tangible experience will cause an immediate shift in your team as they are inspired to say yes, be connected, supportive, and strive to make each other look good. The results are increased engagement, productivity, positive communication, and stronger, more cohesive teams.

Galen’s style and approach will have your people fully engaged and laughing together, regardless of their personality types or learning style. His powerful, insightful activities will contribute to a massively impactful experience and long-lasting transformation. Every company and team has its own dynamics, challenges, and strengths. Each program and workshop is specifically tailored to the context of your team and objectives. Contact Galen to discuss your objectives and what you’re looking to accomplish with your teams.

About Galen
Galen has been performing and teaching all levels of improv for over 10 years with The Upfront Theatre and across North America. He is also a business junky with more than 16 years of experience in sales and marketing. He has worked with hundreds of different teams and organizations, inspiring a powerful shift in how people interact and communicate in business.

Unique Content.  Compelling Delivery.  Dynamic Change.  Galen delivers unique tools for companies to sharply improve communication and create a cohesive, exceptional culture based on the improv concept of ‘Yes, And.’ He provides dynamic conference and event keynotes as well as individual team workshops for organizations of any size. His enthusiastic, engaging style and compelling content will ignite your people and transform the way they interact in business. You will witness an immediate shift in your team; resulting in motivated, inspired people contributing to a more positive, productive workplace.

Purpose Statement Galen strives to inspire business leaders and teams to embrace, establish, and uphold a ‘Yes, And’ culture in their organizations. It’s imperative that companies place high value on their people and the climate of their workplace environment. An outstanding culture increases engagement, productivity, creates strong teams, and provides countless other benefits that are imperative to business success. His passion is to cultivate exceptional company cultures, causing organizations and individuals to thrive in business. Galen’s  “Yes And Manifesto” outlines what an exceptional ‘Yes, And’ culture looks like.


 “Galen’s session with my extended leadership team was both fun and impactful. His core message of harnessing the principles of improv to enable a stronger, higher-performing team was very well received. He delivers the content in a way that is interactive, uplifting, and exudes positive energy. The leaders on my team enjoyed the experience so much, I subsequently brought Galen in again to allow my entire organization to share in Galen’s insights and energy. This session was well worth the investment.  Thank you, Galen.”

– Eileen Johnston, CFO, WW Services, Microsoft

I have nothing but excellent things to say about Galen’s presentation. We had roughly 900 people attend Galen’s sessions, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive; virtually all of them had nothing but good things to say. Even weeks after the event, people reference things that were mentioned in Galen’s presentation that got them to think a little differently about working together and being positive. At meetings people will present an idea or thought and often people will respond with a loud, “YES! That’s a great idea!
– Bryan Givens, Technical Services Supervisor, Heath Tecna

“Galen’s presentation surpassed my expectations exponentially. He can get a team to gel as a unit because of his enthusiasm, it is infectious! He has a lot of experience working in the area of motivational leadership and knows how to guide an organization towards creating a healthy and productive work environment. Any organization would benefit from Galen’s services!”
– Chyerl Wolfe-Lee, Director of Human Resources, Western Washington University.

“The experience was fantastic! We came out of the workshop with lots of YES’es and ANDs. The exercises really resonated with everyone and the clarity of the message brought it home for the team. It was perfect! I want to do it again. Thank you for helping change the world one workshop at a time!”
– Arnaldo Inocentes, Microsoft

“Galen’s keynote presentation was an overwhelming hit at our ThinkBiz Conference. His unique approach and charisma had the audience engaged and smiling. It was a great start to our day. I would recommend him to any group that wants to reconnect and motivate their people. He is well known and respected as a leader in our community, making a difference with every group he works with. You don’t want to miss the chance to have Galen speak to your group.”
– Jennifer Shelton, Center Director, Washington SBDC, Western Washington University

“Our experience with the workshop was excellent! It absolutely exceeded my expectations, and it was the perfect way to focus on positive communication before our Board of Directors meeting. Galen really got all of us thinking about the way we work as a team and the importance of positivity and supporting one another. During our meeting we had several “YES!” moments and I think we all felt a renewed sense of comfort to speak up, trusting that we’d be supported. Galen brought outstanding energy and a great sense of humor to the workshop, which made it even more fun! I would recommend him to any group.”
– Emily Phillips, Executive Director, Washington State Recycling Association

 “Galen kicked off our Annual Bank Management Retreat with our entire team of officers. The change in how our people interacted with one another after working with Galen was unbelievable. Our whole team was leaning in, saying yes, being positive, collaborative, and fully engaged while tackling a number of important strategic initiatives. The success of our management retreat was increased tenfold because of Galen’s work, and our managers absolutely loved it! Thanks a million for your help, and the effect you’ve had on our team.”
Drew Wilkens – Executive Vice President, Bank of the Pacific