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Jen Mueller

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Jen Mueller

  • Sports Broadcaster, Producer and Sideline Reporter
  • Public Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author
  • Teaches how to improve conversation skills to increase your likeability and visibility


What is Talk Sporty to Me?

Increase Your Likeability and Visibility

Don’t let the name fool you.  Talk Sporty to Me isn’t just about learning how to talk sports; it’s a way to raise your profile, build relationships and break through common communication barriers.Succeeding at work requires more than hard work, skill and dedication.  Many people, and women in particular, think that putting their head down, working long hours and taking on greater responsibility will lead to automatic promotions and raises.That’s not always the case.  Getting noticed – in a positive way – at work requires the ability to engage in smooth interactions and good communication skills. That’s where Talk Sporty to Me pays off.

Jen Mueller’s interactive presentations, keynotes, and customizable workshops help business professionals:

  • Identify and overcome 3 common communication mistakes
  • Discover how sports conversations bridge the gap between men’s and women’s conversation styles
  • Overcome conversation anxiety
  • Appeal to the largest audience possible

The Importance of Small Talk

Sampling of Jen Mueller’s Speaking Topics:

Get in the Game. Becoming a Sports Fan for Business (In just 5 Minutes a Day)

Strong relationships lead more productive and efficient teams. Those relationships are built on conversations and those conversations can begin with sports. It’s the ultimate ice-breaker and something that everyone can participate in, if they follow the Talk Sporty process for becoming a fan for business.When it comes to building relationships, sports conversations can’t be about numbers, stats and rules. The focus needs to be on value added exchanges. Surveys show employees who feel valued are more engaged and more motivated to do their best work.  Sports conversations are a good first step.This presentation is ideal for increasing teamwork and collaboration, building rapport, and understanding how daily conversations impact productivity.

Key takeaways include the following:
  • Learn how to become a sports fan for business in 5 minutes a day using a step by step process.
  • Understand how sports conversations in business are different from sports conversations in any other setting.
  • Identify 3 ways sports topics provide unique conversation and relationship building opportunities in the workplace.
  • Discover how sports conversations can be part of a value-added business approach.

Tipping Point: Learning to Leverage Sports Conversations at Work

This presentation builds on the skills and principles learned in “Get In the Game.” Gain greater understanding as to how sports conversations can be leveraged in 5 specific areas in business including personal branding, sales and business development.Empower your team to tap into the passion of sports fans everywhere with this outside the box approach. Entertaining clients at a sporting event isn’t a waste of time, it’s an incredible leverage point for getting business done. Talking about the “big game” and sounding credible, extends the appeal and influence of each of your team members, making them more valuable resources to the company.This presentation is ideal for companies that regularly sponsor sports teams or regularly attend sporting events. Sales teams will learn how to sustain long-term relationships with clients and attract new sales.

Key takeaways include the following:
  • Discover the 5 specific ways your team can leverage your sports knowledge to build business.
  • Understand how sports conversations differentiate your team’s approach from others in a crowded market place.
  • Learn how to work those leverage points into daily conversations to increase influence and opportunities.
  • Identify “best practices” when it comes to productive conversations at work.

Breaking Down Barriers: Using Sports to Break Down Communication Barriers at Work

This presentation builds on skills and principles learned in “Get In the Game” and focuses on the various ways sports conversations can be used to improve overall communication in business. Effective communication drives success. The catch: to be most effective, not all conversations and communication should be work-related. That’s where the true value of sports conversations at work is seen.This presentation is ideal if your team feels out of sync, uncommunicative or unfriendly. Colleagues who know, like and trust each other work better together. Getting to that point is easier if they’re on the same page, speaking the same language and finding common ground.

Key takeaways include the following:
  • Identify and avoid the most common communication barriers.
  • Understand how sports conversations can play a key role in bridging communication gaps.
  • Communicate in a way that your coworkers will listen and take action.
  • Remove frustrating and unproductive conversations from your day.

Talk Sporty to Me is built on the principle that sports conversations open doors, as well as, increase your visibility and likeability in the workplace.

If you’re already a sports fan, chances are you might have experienced the door-opening power of a sports conversation.  In that case, Jen will provide even more information with stories from inside professional locker rooms and antidotes you won’t get anywhere else.  She’ll also help you refine your sports conversation technique to make sure you’re maximizing your time and knowledge.


Jen Mueller Jen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker

Jen Mueller, America’s Expert Talker is rarely at a loss for words.  She pursued a career in sports broadcasting after repeated comments of “talks too much” from teachers and family members.She’s honed her speaking skills as a sports broadcaster and sideline reporter.  Jen launched Talk Sporty to Me in 2009 after identifying a communication void in the workplace that could be filled with sports conversations.Jen provides a practical game plan to productive conversations.  Her techniques and insights help business professionals level the playing field at work and understand the value of sports conversations as winning business strategy.

 From the Locker Room to the Board Room

Her expertise is based on more than a decade of experience interviewing professional athletes and coaches.  Jen applies lessons learned in the locker room to the boardroom and offers detailed instruction on how to engage in productive conversations.Key takeaways include an ability to identify the main differences between men and women in a conversation, uncovering the power struggle within many business interactions and understanding the value of sports conversations as a way to level the playing field at work, and positively impact relationships.The results include a more synergy driven workforce, improved teamwork and increased productivity.  Her powerful presentations and weekly blog posts enable companies to work from the same playbook and fast track results.  It’s a winning combination that leads to a distinct advantage over the competition.

 Credentials, please

Jen’s media credentials separate her from the crowd.  She practices what she preaches every night in her role as a Sports Reporter and Producer for Root Sports Northwest in Seattle. She is seen on Seattle Mariners pre and post game shows, as well as, on the sidelines of college football and basketball games involving the Washington Huskies, Washington State Cougars and Oregon State Beavers.  She is also a member of the Seattle Seahawks radio broadcasting team, serving as their sideline reporter.A gifted and energetic speaker, Jen regularly emcees charity auctions and events like the Jacob Green Dinner Auction and the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club yearly auction.In addition to her work behind the microphone, Jen spent 10 years as a high school football official.  Prior to that, she reached the highest level of flag football officiating, becoming just to the third female named as a National All American Flag Football Official.  Her work in stripes led to features in the Seattle Times, Seattle PI and referee magazine.Jen’s interests aren’t limited to sports.  She also enjoys wine tasting, teaching piano lessons and undertaking home improvement projects.

In the Community

Jen serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue an organization that annually serves 10,000 youth in the eastside Seattle suburb.  In addition, Jen created a line of greeting cards through Talk Sporty to Me.  She’s out to make a difference in the world while helping others make a world of difference in their personal relationships.

Audience Members Rave…

“It’s my pleasure to inform you that you achieved the HIGHEST speaker rating of the year!  THANK YOU and thanks to your entire team from Marla to Jill and the Safeco Team to our MPIWSC team for helping you achieve this score.  THANK YOU again for a top session and powerful educational content.” -John Chen, Board member MPIWSC and CEO, Geoteaming“Jen has mastered a fun, interactive way of demonstrating that the keys to success in business can be found in being able to effectively communicate.  Men and woman alike, within any profession, can relate to the struggle of figuring out how to break the ice or find common ground with others.  With her willingness to be open and honest using stories from her background and providing a practical how-to guide, she was able to convince even the most skeptic of men and woman in the audience (including myself!) to talk sports in their day to day interactions with colleagues, clients or boss.”  —   Kristi Lord, Vice President, CFA Society of Seattle Board of Directors

“Jen speaks to how a simple awareness of athletics opens doors to confidence, communication and success in both professional and personal arenas.  How tuning in to the sports world for just a few minutes a day can positively impact relationships that we currently have or want to cultivate.”   – Karen Lawler, Director of Marketing, Seattle Restaurants Unlimited, Inc.“Jen’s topic of relationship building through sports was timely, refreshingly unique and something we can apply in our business with no added money and very little time.”   – Jen Donogh, Young Female EntrepreneursJen uses a seemingly perfect mixture of personal anecdotes, testimonials of the people with whom she has worked and audience engagement. Traditional and stereotypical guest speakers have the tendency to simply talk at you- a method leading to unbearable monotony. But Jen is the exception to the rule. The interactions with her listeners make her seminars a two-way street, where dialogue trumps monologue. In all, for anyone unsure of what constitutes an “expert talker,” mere seconds of listening to Jen gives the phrase definition. Neil Stover, WSU Men’s Basketball Manager Thank you for your entertaining and inclusive presentation “Speak Easy – Two Subjects to Break the Ice and Keep your Conversation Going”. Developing relationships with coworkers, clients and potential clients is always important and you did an exceptional  job in sharing ideas to help us all, whether we perceive ourselves as outgoing or not! Finding common interests is key to having a good discussion and your talk addressed all aspects of a discussion from beginning to end. Our Rotary Club totally enjoyed your presentation as it was beneficial to both our male and female members, regardless of age! Thanks again for joining us and your delightful presentation!       -Bob Holert, Co-Chair, Program Committee, Bellevue Breakfast Rotary and  President , Houser Martin Morris