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Jerry Yudelson

Jerry Yudelson

Jerry Yudelson

  • Expert green building and sustainability consultant
  • A lifelong learner and prolific author with 13 books on green building and sustainability
  • Internationally recognized leading authority and guru in green development, green marketing, green building and sustainability

Jerry Yudelson is a dynamic, engaging, international speaker who captures and inspires audiences across the world to go green.  A lifelong learner, prolific author, internationally recognized leading authority and guru in green development, green marketing, green building and sustainability, Jerry  provides research-based answers and specific business strategies that will help your company to compete and thrive in tough economic times.The methods and processes he explains are far more than just  theory– Jerry makes complex green business strategies and tactics very easy to understand and apply. Yudelson’s informational and power-packed presentations along with his knowledge base, practical approach and personal success in helping companies develop successful sustainability initiatives and green buildings has made him one of the most in-demand green speakers and consultants in the market today.Sample Keynote Speeches: Jerry customizes his presentations for each specific audience.

  • Return on Sustainability:How much money and how many jobs could your company save if you reduced energy use and waste?  Learn how adopting sustainability as a business strategy can increase profitability and differentiate you in the marketplace.
  • Why Are They Greener Than We Are?  European Green Building Trends: You can do it too!  Jerry profiles leading European building trends with case studies, technology analysis and innovations that we can put to use here in the United States.
  • Stop Burning $ Money $ and Join the Energy Efficiency Revolution: Learn what you can do to start being more efficient with energy usage.
  • Greening Existing Buildings: Get on top of the hottest green building trend! Learn how to use the LEED for Existing Buildings standard to upgrade and rebrand.
  • The Path to Zero Net Energy Buildings: Learn to make a good business case for your next project.  Jerry will show you proven strategies for getting to zero carbon without breaking the project budget.
  • Blue is the New Green– Preventing Urban Water Crises: Your company can make a difference! Jerry showcases how green building design and water reuse strategies can reduce water consumption and prevent recurrent water crises.
  • The Business Case for Green Development: Skeptical? Jerry will share how retail, commercial, hospitality and mixed-use developers have solid successful business cases for green development and providing certified green projects for 100% of their work.

Author of 12 books on green and sustainability:

      • Dry Run: Preventing the Next Urban Water Crisis, 2010
      • Greening Existing Buildings, 2009
      • Sustainable Retail Development: Strategies for Success, 2009
      • Green Building Trends: Europe, 2009
      • Green Building Through Integrated Design, 2008
      • Choosing Green– The Homebuyers Guide to Good Green Homes, 2008
      • Marketing Green Building Services: Strategies for Success, 2007
      • The Green Building Revolution,  2007
      • Green Building A to Z,  Understanding the Language of Green Building, 2007
      • Developing Green: Strategies for Success, 2007
      • Marketing Green Building Services: Guide for Engineering, Construction, Architecture,  2006
      • The Insiders Guide to Marketing Green Buildings, 2005

 Audience Members Rave:

“Jerry offers an engaging and business-savvy overview of the state of green building across the globe. He lays out a compelling business case for not only building green but also for greening existing buildings.” -Frank Pope, Major Aerospace/Defense Firm, Washington DC“Jerry has become a valuable resource to our members. Green building, energy efficient buildings and corporate sustainability planning are increasingly important to our members and Jerry’s expertise in these areas has helped them plan their strategies to seize new opportunities in selling ‘green’.” -Ed Orlet, National Association of Electrical Distributors“The feedback for your session was fantastic and I quoted you in my closing remarks.” -Romilly Madew, CEO, Green Building Council of Australia, Green Cities 2010 Conference“Jerry Yudelson provided training for 50 of our project managers in the LEED-EBOM rating system. His course was customized for our needs and was very well received by our people. We found Jerry to be well prepared, thoroughly professional and quite understanding of our unique needs as developers of high-end residential communities.”-Susie Maglich, Design Manager, Avalon Bay Communities, Inc, Alexandria, VA“Everyone I heard from had great things to say about your presentation and style. Having you on board made it much easier to attract the speakers to this year’s excellent conference lineup.” -Justin Sternberg, Program Manager, The Business of Clean Energy in Alaska Conference

Yudelson Associates 2011 Representative Client List

Design & Construction

      • Glumac (consulting engineers)*
      • Hill International (engineering & construction)
      • Ryan Companies (national construction)
      • Perkins+Will (international A/E)

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

      • CBRE (property management)*
      • Regency Centers (retail developer)
      • Edens & Avant (retail developer)*
      • Avalon Bay Communities (residential developer)*

Trade Associations

      • International Council of Shopping Centers
      • National Association of Electrical Distributors
      • Mechanical Contractors Association of America
      • Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning National Association
      • American Consulting Engineers Council
      • Bi-National Softwood Lumber Council
      • National Association of Industrial & Office Properties
      • U.S. Green Building Council*

Higher Education

      • The Ohio State University
      • Arizona State University
      • Carnegie Mellon University
      • San Diego State University
      • Oregon State University


      • BAE Systems
      • Louisiana Pacific
      • Emerson Climate Technologies
      • Wiremold Legrand
      • Automated Logic Panduit

* = Training Assignments