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John E. Burgess, Music for Transformation

2016-10-05 (5)









As leaders we have a responsibility to support people. Not just some people. All people. Every voice needs to be encouraged, to be brought into the conversation, into the ensemble. Only then will our organizations be hospitable and encouraging to all.


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When all voices are welcomed, the music of the organization will be more complete, more vibrant, more satisfying, and more in tune with the world we live in. Then we can leverage the full promise and beauty of diversity.


Violin background










As a conductor, John is intentional about connecting —with the music and the musical artists. His  goal is to encourage them and bring out their very best. Then they can contribute fully of themselves to their section and the orchestra as a whole.

It is truly inspiring to witness.











The same is true for organizational leaders. They must connect with the music of their organization and evoke the best from all for the benefit of the whole.



Music can be pivotal in anyone’s life. It certainly is for John. He is honored and thrilled to serve organizations, communities, and our world by offering Music for Transformation.


What Music for Transformation Clients are Saying!

Our executive team was inspired by the experience.
This is the best investment we’ve ever made in
our leaders. Bar none.

~ CEO, Health Care System

Incredible! This was one of the most powerful ways to communicate the value of the team and how important each person’s role is in the organization.

~ COO, Health Care Services

I found John’s session elegant and informative. I loved the way he wove the pieces together, and it was a treat to experience his acute listening. I felt invited into the work, which had an intimacy I will long remember.

~ Entertainment and Media Executive

In a world of facts, numbers, and dollars, John provided a perspective on leadership that these leaders had never in their wildest dreams imagined. Months later, the CEOs are still talking about how they see their leadership role differently.

~ CEO, Energy Industry Thought Leader

I had never thought about leadership in this way… of using ALL the different talents and skills of people and blending them into a beautifully working team… which produces incredible results, as each person does their part and follows the music, the plan.

~ CIO, Technology Services

A powerful experience for all who attended. And we only scratched the surface in our time with John. I would highly recommend John to work with your team through his Music for Transformation program. You’ll be glad you did!

~ Managing Consultant, Education Services

The musical experience that John conducted perfectly illustrates leadership in complex contexts–organizations, communities, and nations. Thank you for helping us see this so clearly!

~ Senior Civic Official

About John E. Burgess, Maestro:

John is a business executive and leadership consultant who has integrated the usually separate worlds of creative mastery and business mastery for 30+ years. He graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Music and also holds an MBA from the University of Southern California’s (USC) Marshall School of Business. As Visiting Faculty for USC’s Executive Leadership Program, he enjoys leading courses in transformational leadership and leadership and the arts.

John understands that the antidote to our culture’s obsession with speed and subsequent social alienation is appreciation for the power and exquisite beauty of music to transform how we think, feel, and engage with others. He devotes himself to connecting leaders and organizations to their genius and magnificence… inspiring and equipping them to reach new heights of performance. As Maestro, John collaborates with professional orchestras throughout the world to create innovative learning experiences for executives and other leaders in business, education, health care, IT, arts, government, finance, biomedicine, energy, human services, aerospace, hospitality, and beyond.

He has collaborated with and consulted for diverse organizations, including Purex Corporation, PEMCO Insurance, SAGE Software, Bering Air, International Coach Federation, Seattle Opera, Kentucky Association for School Administrators, Cell Therapeutics, Diana Naturals, Tully’s Coffee, International Leadership Association, University of Southern California, John Maxwell Team, Meridian Associates, Tobias Leadership Center, Pacific Marine Management, LEAD Leaders Network, IEDC – Bled School of Management, and Fran’s Chocolates—President Obama’s and the First Lady’s favorite chocolatier.

Several years ago John collaborated with his wife Gloria to create Music for Transformation™. This unique learning experience is designed to inspire and equip leaders to reimagine and reignite their organizations, institutions, communities, and nations.

About Gloria Burgess:

Dr. Gloria J. Burgess is a leadership consultant, executive coach, speaker, author, educator, mentor, and expert designer of unique, innovative learning experiences. She positions her work at the potent intersectionality of leadership and intercultural intelligence and is one of the few practitioners who integrates the arts into her practice and work with clients, drawing on her expertise in theatre, music, poetry, dance, and design. Her focus is singular: individual and collective transformation.

A former business executive, Gloria has served as interim college president, and as lead faculty, program lead, and visiting faculty at University of Washington’s (UW) Executive Leadership Program in Public Affairs, UW’s Non-Profit Executive Leadership Institute, University of Southern California’s Executive Leadership Program, Seattle University’s Transformational Leadership Program, Saybrook University, and numerous Executive Leadership Institutes she has designed to meet the diverse needs of her corporate clients. She also designs and leads leadership forums, seminars, and workshops on Ubuntu leadership and transformational leadership in corporate, health care, arts, government, civic, spiritual, financial, IT, and educational contexts.

A dynamic, sought-after speaker, Gloria has presented keynotes and seminars in 30+ countries on six continents in diverse contexts, including the South African Embassy, Kenyan Parliament, Paraguay’s Office of the President, Sankofa Young Leaders of Color Institute in Ghana, Boeing, Microsoft, AT&T, Starbucks, Women’s International Network, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IEDC – Bled School of Management, and International Coach Federation. Gloria masterfully combines insightful commentary with personal engagement, weaving the arts into her inspiring keynotes and transformational learning experiences to foster hope, courage, creativity, healing, and resilience—qualities we all yearn for and need.

Born in rural Mississippi, Gloria came of age during the turbulent Civil Rights era in the US. Not unlike South Africa’s Apartheid system, the bigotry and cruelty she experienced made her better, not bitter. “Growing up in the dehumanizing, horrific conditions in the US formed me into the leader I am today. Integrating intercultural excellence into my work is not an option. It is an imperative—to inspire and effectively equip leaders for our interconnected, global community.”

Gloria lives with her husband John in the Pacific Northwest. Several years ago they collaborated to create Music for Transformation™. This unique immersive learning experience is designed to inspire and equip leaders to reimagine their organizations, institutions, communities, and nations to achieve new heights of inclusion, innovation, and excellence