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Laura Schildkraut

Laura Schildkraut

Laura Schildkraut

  • Expert in understanding how to attract, retain and see excellence from Gen Y employees
  • Faculty Member, University of Washington
  • Entrepreneur and Founder of Onboarding GenY


Making The Gen Y Connection

A forward thinking, gifted educator and effective communicator, Laura Schildkraut understands and connects with her audience while sharing eye-opening knowledge surrounding the Gen Y generation.  Her mission is to help organizations understand, attract, retain and see excellence from their Gen Y employees.  She combines her key learnings with practical experience and research to make topics around the Gen Y generation simple to understand.  Her unique style allows her to effortlessly explain information clearly and concisely so as to resonate with all ages and groups.  She accomplishes this by providing workshops to educate, consulting to problem solve, and establishing internal, reciprocal mentorship programs to leverage all participants’ strengths.

Laura’s Workshops

Appreciating Generational Diversity WorkshopThis workshop’s objective is to improve working relationships, respect, and appreciation across generations.  It is an interactive workshop positioned for all staff members and works best with a generational cross section.  You will explore the differences between multiple generations in the workplace and understand where you fit in, where your strengths might be, and where there is potential for conflict.  You will learn how to make multi-generational relationships work by leveraging the opportunities and knowing how to effectively resolve differences or conflicts.Managing Gen Y TalentIf your goal is to improve efficiency, effectiveness and retention of Gen Y Employees, then this interactive workshop is for you. It is perfect for direct and indirect managers of Gen Y employees.  You will take a detailed look at the Gen Y’s influences and profile so you can better understand them and why they think like they do.  You will be able to connect with the stories and better relate to what they demand from work places.  Some of the hands-on exercises will help you understand what makes Gen Y’s hard to manage as well as what makes them great employees.  You will have a detailed look at the challenges that are specific to your organization and discuss ‘big ideas’ on how to turn things into a win-win for all.Deliberate CommunicationAre you seeking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all communication efforts?  This overview encourages participants to think through the desired outcomes of their communication, rather than simply focusing on the content intended to share.  You will begin to think differently about communications when you focus on outcomes before content.  You will learn how to boost your credibility as a communicator by knowing your audience and your channels.  Thoughtful communication will increase your effectiveness.Effective WritingAs a follow on to the “Deliberate Communication” overview, participants can focus on effective writing.  They will learn The Steps to Effective Writing which includes the purpose, content, organization, format, readability including tone and the importance of editing.

Laura Schildkraut Bio

Laura Schildkraut is the Founder of Onboarding Gen Y whose mission is to help organizations attract, retain and see excellence from their Gen Y employees. This is accomplished through consulting, workshops and establishing internal, reciprocal mentorship programs.She is a faculty member at the University of Washington with experience teaching “Interactive Media and Entrepreneurship,” “Preparing for the Business World,” “Advanced Business Communication,” “IT Strategy,” and “Management Lessons from the ‘The Apprentice’” which has earned her national recognition from CNN and Dateline.In addition to her teaching, Laura established a successful IT Mentorship Program and dramatically grew the IT Internship Program both in terms of participating companies and number of students.Laura was the host and co-executive producer of the Information Technology Leaders, On the Career Path and Information Matters television shows which aired on ResearchChannel and UWTV.Prior to Onboarding Gen Y and the University of Washington, Laura worked for Microsoft, Ogilvy & Mather, and the N.A.S.D. She holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern Business School with concentrations in Information Systems and Marketing.

Testimonials:“I wanted to tell you that you hit the mark with the training today.  I had numerous people stop me and tell me how great the training was and they can’t wait to put it into practice.  They particularly like the Magic you create in your training with the stories and real life examples and all the hands on practice we got to do.  You can tell the training was meaningful by the personal commitments everyone had.  Again, thank you so much for tailoring this training to our needs.”Lisa Silvestre, Director Premera Blue Cross (Deliberate Communication) “Thanks so much for speaking at our event, Laura.  I’ve had so many people come up to tell me how much they got out of the discussion.  This was a winner.  We’ll keep in touch and share stories as they emerge. Thanks again!”-Sharon Chastain, VP Premera (Managing Gen Y Talent)“Good insight into Gen Y and how we can embrace and coach this generation.”-UW Executive Education participant (Managing Gen Y Talent)“Great presentation. Solid introduction to generational differences and how to use these differences to create opportunities. Super helpful and relevant for challenges I’m facing right now in this space “-UW Executive Education participant (Appreciating Generational Diversity)