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Mary Lou Sanelli

Mary Lou Sanelli

Mary Lou Sanelli

  • Writer, Performer, Public Speaker, Public Readings
  • Solid reputation in literary & public-speaking community
  • Author of 7 books, Story teller and Columnist,


 A Performance Of A Lifetime!

“You will be mesmerized with the pure energy and enthusiasm that flows from Mary Lou with every word she speaks.”Mary Lou Sanelli is a writer, performer and public speaker.  She has earned a solid reputation in the literary and public-speaking community through a steady commitment to writing and through over twenty years of successful  public readings and presentations.Mary Lou is also a story teller, dancer, dance instructor and choreographer.  This training and performance experience enables her to present with skills that surpass the average author reading.  She knows how to deliver a message and connect with the audience through her passionate writing and mesmerizing  performances— She is a one-of-a-kind speaker that you don’t want to miss.

Details for Performances & Talks:

The Immigrant’s Table– This staged reading dramatically and poetically tells a story of immigration, cultural The Immigrants Tableadjustment and weaving Old and New Worlds together into a rich fabric of memoir.  The Immigrant’s Table, includes poetry, storytelling, Italian food & wine as Sanelli introduces her  audience to her family in the most Italian of settings: around a table while revealing those long-held family recipes for a great meal.

Small TalkSmall Talk– is a combination of dance, poetry, comedy and video.  It’s a reading in motion.  Inspired by the intimate conversations of women, her performance expands the reach of the written word with video, dance and a dramatic reading.

Women in the Garden– is about cultivating the soil and renewing the language.  The gardener’s  and poets routines sharpen observation and     foster the contemplative spirit.  Situations, like the elements are Women in the Gardenoften outside individuals control and the key to success is receptivity.

Falling Awake– This talk is for the savvy women’s book club or any group that wants to look at life’s tug-of-wars like those between age and time, male and female, war and peace, place and Falling Awakebelonging.

Among Friends– Perfect for any group of women willing to delve into the hodgepodge of emotions common to anyone who Among Friendsdecides to be friends.

Mothers & Daughters- Breathe In, Breathe Out– This event is about the life cycle of the mother/daughter evolutionary process that lasts your lifetime. Mothers and Daughters

Audience Members Rave:

“Mary Lou is by far the best speaker our organization has ever had.” Diane Green, Soroptimist International“Such great stage awareness!  Sanelli has impeccable timing.”-Charles Duncan, Key City Theatre Director“The Immigrant’s Table was one of the most enjoyable and delightful evenings our AAUW group has ever had.”-Grace Lynch, President, AAUW“Listening to Mary Lou Sanelli share the inspiration and stories which were the catalyst for writing her latest book, Among Friends, was an opening from the heart, touching on the subjects of how we relate to our friends from our authentic self. Dropping the mask and being real presents new opportunities to relate to our friends from a level of who we really are. Having the courage to be real and to share our unique gifts as we evolve in becoming who we truly are, women on a spiritual path to our authentic selfs, is revealed in the stories the author shares with her readers.Thank you, Ms Sanelli, for having the courage to share your most intimate stories of family and friendship. As women, we heal and develop courage, through the stories we share. Our stories are “our medicine”.Jolene Anderson, Columbia Tower Club“Your message resonated with every woman there! Your life’s work is impacting many, many people in a very positive and wonderful way. Among Friends is a wonderful gift to women of all stripes. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.”-Meg Eisenbraum,Whidbey Island AAUW Programming Director“Your presentation to the Edmonds Branch of the American Association of University Women at Edmonds Community College was just delightful! We loved your fresh and sparkling style, the honest thoughtfulness of your words. How did you become so wise regarding your mother’s needs at this time in her life? Your work is a treasure. I hope we can have you back, Mary Lou, next year.”Phyllis Keiley-Tyler,President, Edmonds Branch