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Max Dixon

Max Dixon

Max Dixon

  • Nationally recognized presentation coach – literally changing the lives of clients he works with.
  • Expert in non-verbal communication, story-telling listening skills and movement for speakers
  • Previous head of movement and improvisation at the prestigious Professional Actor Program at the University of Washington

Potency on the Platform:

Corporate clients, trainers, professional speakers, sales & marketing executives and business leaders call upon Max Dixon to conduct seminars or for one-on-one coaching to assist them to communicate what they intend with high levels of impact.Max Dixon is a nationally recognized presentation coach and speaker who specializes in non-verbal communication, story-telling, listening skills and movement for speakers.  He literally changes the lives of clients who he works with.

Self-Presentation Skills:

Take Your Body With You!Did you ever walk into a meeting room and feel like you left your body in your office? Have you ever been asked to speak up—twice? Would you consciously say to someone you wished to impress, “I really shouldn’t be here” or  “I’ll run out of energy soon” ? Probably not. Yet, people do it consistently through body language without meaning to do so.We often seem cut off from our bodies when we communicate. We sound as though our voices are not cooperating with the impression we want to make. Body movements and voice produce the majority of our messages impact. A bit of a let down for speechwriters, perhaps, but valuable information to all  communicators.  Whether one-to-one in comfortable chairs or standing in  front of a packed room of business associates, our body language and vocal behavior design success or failure. Proper use of voice, walking, bearing, and breathing while capitalizing on the right aspects of your personality is key.Max Dixon reveals the challenges facing the professional communicator by addressing how to:

  • Speak clearly and economically
  • Listen adeptly
  • Project vocally
  • Converse engagingly
  • Respond with presence in challenging situations
  • Move appropriately
  • Communicate intentionally
  • Gesture effectively
  • Negotiate with reduced anxiety
  • Establish rapport quickly
  • Develop a “worthwhile” story

Max works closely with each client or participant, assisting them with communicating what they intend.  Through audio and video feedback or personal coaching, clients  achieve high levels of potency in their communications.  In workshops, small experiential seminars or individualized coaching, Max’s presentation is sophisticated and dynamic.

The Power of Story in a Corporate Setting:

The Crucial Ingredient in High Stakes Communication.Max can teach any audience how to involve, inspire, and influence through stories. A story is heart centered at its best. It speaks to our sense of generosity, abundance, and community- community through the ages, beyond boundaries and time, and across cultures and diversities. Learn to discover, develop, deepen, and deliver the stories that will completely energize and engage your customers.Learn to show that you understand their story and they will rush to be a part of yours.  Connect the story you tell to the lives of your listeners. From the  beginning, shape the story towards fulfilling the needs of your audience. The metaphors in our stories must link with their lives in a way that gives them new wisdom and likelihood of survival, however they define that term. Learn to craft your stories to be of maximum significance to the audience and you will influence them greatly.About Max: Max has degrees in Political Science and in Theatre and Communications.  Max spent 31 years in an academic setting where he became head of movement and improvisation at the prestigious Professional Actor Program at the University of Washington in Seattle. Choosing to move into private practice, Max is one of those fortunate enough to make a living doing what he loves and spends his time speaking, coaching and training.

Audience Members Rave:“Wonderful use of my time! I will highly recommend this class to co-workers”“Max’s demenor and presence was incredible. He is a master of simple clear communication!!”“Great instructor with great knowledge on the subject, and nice way of deliving it. Thanks!”“Great! Time well spent. Saw immediate results, and received helpful personal instruction.”-Present Your Absolute Best Attendees, Boeing Commercial Airplanes“Max Dixon is a superb teacher and coach for any professional who needs to take their performance to the next level.”-Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Past President of the National Speakers Association, Executive Speech Coach,  Sales Presentation Trainer“I have had access to the best talent in the world of professional communication. I can say, without hesitation that no one knows more than Max about persuasion and how to make it  memorable. Max is breathtakingly, preternaturally gifted.” -John Rapp, M.A., J.D., Attorney“Imagine this scene. You have over twenty years in the speaking industry. You train speakers. You train trainers. You are considered to be an expert in your field- one of the few who is truly competent. You have gotten your share of standing ovations and spontaneous accolades and referrals. YOU ARE GOOD!  Then one day you volunteer to demonstrate how quickly someone who is already good can get even better. You walk to the front and manage to get out two or three sentences before you are stopped. The coach takes you aside. He suggests that you do just one “single, simple, doable thing.” The conversation takes less than one minute to complete. You walk back to the front. You begin the very same talk. You incorporate this seemingly simple technique. And the audience responds amazingly different. Later in the review you hear them tell you how much more present you are, how much warmer you are, how much easier it is to listen to you. Well, I was that speaker. And you are that coach. Max, you are the best I’ve ever seen.  You’re incredible. Thank-you for sharing your genius with me.”  -R. Douglas Carter, President, Carter International“When I want to become more eloquent or persuasive,  Max Dixon is the man whose advice  I seek.  He is a brilliant, insightful communications coach.  Max brings wisdom along with skill to speech coaching.“ -Jim Cathcart, CEO, Cathcart Institute and Author of Relationship SellingOne of the most powerful outcomes was how you influenced the way I experience my audience which is clearly positively influencing how they experience me. I can see it in their expression, I can hear it in their responses, and I can feel it every moment we are together.” -Bill Bachrach, President Bachrach & Associates“The end-of-day comments were the capstone, magnificent! It all came together for me in those moments. “I’ll be happy to raise the confidence of the people who are looking to book you.” -John R. Patton, President/CEO, Cadence Management Corp.“You are the absolute best when it comes to coaching speakers to live their aspirations!” -Joy Baldridge, Founder/President, Baldridge Seminars International“Thanks, Max, for giving me the courage to be me!” -Trisha Yearwood, Country Singer