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Tom Bligh


Tom Bligh

  • C-Level Executive Consultant
  • Brilliant strategist, marketing, sales and change management executive
  • Expert at helping companies understand how to build their business around their customers to grow their business to increase revenue

Tom Bligh is a passionate, engaging trainer and consultant whose relevant messages will resonate with any team who would like to get in touch with their customers to win their business!“If you don’t think customers are the most important part of your business, try living without them for 30 days” – Tom BlighTom is a trusted strategic advisor who brings tremendous knowledge, wisdom and experience to every team. He creates an atmosphere that instills confidence and brings out the best in teams. Tom will help you enhance your team’s ability to “jump-start” and integrate those key customer initiatives that need to be done to become more competitive.  He understands that revenue comes from only one place…your customers.  Tom says, “When you set your course with your customers as true north you will find your journey will be towards long term profitability.”Tom Bligh’s expertise is helping companies understand how to build their business around their customers to grow their business to increase revenue. Tom is a creative thinker with strong facilitation skills. He encourages discovery by asking questions that enable people to sharpen their thinking and challenge their assumptions. Tom’s trademark style is a blend of “wisdom & wit” which creates an atmosphere that instills confidence and brings out the best in teams.Tom’s brilliance around strategy, marketing, sales and change management makes creating long term value to your customers easy.  You will learn to move beyond what you are currently doing that is not working while focusing on what you should be accomplishing to reach your ultimate destination of winning over every customer for the long term.

Popular Presentations:

So What Does Your Customer Think? A great bottom line starts with the creation of a healthy top line or sales revenue. The Companies that consistently win build their business around their Customers. Understanding what your customer thinks helps organizations to focus on perspective, relationships, the sales team, and training. Tom will share some insights on these four key interrelated areas.   This is a great presentation for associations and groups as everyone has customers!A Tale of Profitability & Growth: The value of building a powerful customer based culture entrenched in trust.The A to Z of Brand LoyaltyRe-Tool Your ThinkingFocus on Strategy- The Power of Strategic IntegrationPULSETarget Audiences:  Senior Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, Leadership Teams in Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Finance, Customer Relations, Parts, Service, Warranty, Business Groups and Associations, etc.

Audience Members Rave…

 “I think Tom’s messages are right on…to serve is to live and prosper as a business.” -Alan Mulally, President & CEO, Ford Motor Company“Tom without question is the most creative out- of- the- box business thinker I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Tom’s message offers real motivation regardless of the level of his audience. Whether it is company employees or senior level executives, he helps create the desire to do a better job for the customer. He provides his audience with ideas, principals, and techniques that can be immediately applied in their everyday world to become better and accomplish their individual goals.As the former President and Chairman of Sales and Marketing Executives International, I had the opportunity of working with dozens of internationally known professional speakers during my thirty plus years of leadership. I can tell you without question that Tom Bligh is one of the very best.”Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE, President, Max Sacks International“Tom’s examples of customer driven action, tied to high level principles were inspiring and educational. After listening to Tom, people will get back to work with customers, applying a thought framework presented by a leader with superb sales/marketing experience and insight. He’s a passionate and personally engaging speaker. Highly recommended.” Lorne Rubis, President and CEO, RyzexThe principles and concepts Tom Bligh talks about in his presentation So What’s Your Customer Think? are extremely relevant and right on the mark regardless of what business you are in. His passion and enthusiasm for customers is obvious, and his presentation style is uplifting, informative, and entertaining.As the former Chairman, President & CEO of GLY Construction, I found Tom’s focus and “key messages “to be refreshing and a great reminder to anyone concerned about their revenue.  The customer principles and spirit of his presentation are parallel to those that we put into practice, and grew our construction business from one million to five hundred million in revenue.  If your organization is in need of a “wake up call”, or reminder about “what’s important”, I highly recommend you contact Tom.”– Frank N. Young, Jr., Chairman, President & CEO Emeritus, GLY Construction“Tom Bligh is very passionate about customers and his engaging personality quickly fills a room with energy and enthusiasm. His presentation style captures the audiences’ attention while he shares common sense messages about something we all have in common, Customers. In an age of speed and social media, Tom’s thought process, experience, and insights bring you back to the fundamentals and importance of “customer relationships” as one of the cornerstones for success in creating and retaining revenue.  It really doesn’t matter what business you are in, his key points will resonate with you and your Team.  Highly recommended.”-Terry Moreman, Executive Director, Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce “Being around Tom Bligh means constantly learning new things; an idea, a concept, a creative approach for solving a problem or stepping up to an opportunity in very clear terms. Plain and simple, Tom inspires people and instills confidence. He seems to be talking to everyone in the room individually yet speaking to the whole room.  His passion and enthusiasm is infectious, for anyone who listens to him.Tom is a creative thinker with real world experience.  As a speaker, he utilizes a blend of “wisdom & wit” to craft memorable messages that encourage people to think and act differently. Nobody will walk away from his presentation without a smile and thinking that they can make impact.If you value your personnel and customers, I highly recommend Tom as a motivational speaker.” –William J. Haslebacher, CTO, Co-Founder MA2SI  “Over the years I’ve asked Tom’s assistance on many occasions; for sounding out ideas; for opinion; for help in formulating strategic direction; and for leading and facilitating creative planning sessions with my Advisory Board and Directors.  Tom has always been there to elevate the discussion and up the wattage.   I’m continually amazed at the ease in which he is able to capture the attention and imagination of a group with diverging knowledge, interests and backgrounds and work the most unintuitive and abstract ideas into a stimulating, logical and illustrated path to advocacy and understanding. His clarity of thought and communication skills are remarkable.  Tom is one of those very rare individuals that contribute the intangible difference that raises a team’s performance from good to champion.”-H. Douglas Woods, President  & CEO

About Tom

For forty years, Tom Bligh has been “Helping Teams Win.” From start-ups to Fortune 500’s, he has held executive leadership positions in strategy, sales, marketing, operations, and change management.  He also spent four years as President  & CEO of a Northwest start-up. Having managed through change, including eight mergers, he is proficient in aligning organizational goals and priorities around the ever-changing needs of the customer. He has served on company advisory boards and has been nominated three times in Seattle for Entrepreneur of the Year.He is the former Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for Genie Industries, a division of Terex Corporation. During his tenure the Company grew from 324 million in 1997 to 2.3 billion in 2008. Prior companies include: DeltaPoint, Bioscan, Alcon Laboratories, CooperVision-Cilco, American Hydron, PepsiCo, The Forum Corporation, and Xerox.  Tom has a passion for customers and will highlight four key areas that impact a company’s top line and bottom line.