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Speakers and Trainers

With over 35 years of professional experience, I have networked with many inspiring, creative and dynamic individuals. Over this time, it has been my pleasure to connect my network to corporate events to share their wisdom. I can help you find the perfect speaker for your next company retreat, kickoff party or any other event. Feel free to contact me any time, we can work together to find the speaker that will address your specific needs the best. Below is only a small sample of my network, if no one here suits your needs, just give me a call, I’m sure I can find the right speaker to make your event spectacular.

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Marla Williams

Learn to love life and operate in your zone of excellence!

John E. Burgess, Maestro

Music for Transformation: As leaders we have a responsibility to support people. Not just some people. All people. Every voice needs to be encouraged, to be brought into the conversation, into the ensemble. Only then will our organizations be hospitable and encouraging to all.

Edwin Edebiri

With 40,000 followers, Chief Happiness Officer, Edwin Edebiri spreads happiness globally one person at a time. He founded “The I am Happy Project”, now in 64 cities in 19 countries.

Galen Emanuele

Learn to apply the principles of improv to create an awesome company culture and be more successful in business.

Maureen Manley

A World Class Athlete diagnosed with MS shares how you can learn the power of the human spirit and be exceptional no matter what...

Dan Diamond, MD

Discover significance in a challenging world and learn to thrive again! Engage individuals in ways that energize your team.

Susan Ershler

Reach new summits of exceptional sales which will inspire you to face even bigger challenges!

Derek Daly

As a Formula 1 and Indy Driver, Master of Fast, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Hall of Fame Driver, International Race Car Champion, Derek is a champion and master of fast!

Arden Clise

Discover how to confidently and comfortably navigate business situations to have more success with clients, VIPs and colleagues.

Jen Mueller

Raise your profile, build relationships and break through common communication barriers.

Michael Gelb

Improve effectiveness and productivity through creative thinking and innovative leadership.

Nash Fung

Engaging, classy magic and mind-reading to make every event impactful and memorable!

Jeff Evans

Count on the magic of Jeff Evans to make your employee activity, company banquet, or holiday party fun and unforgettable.

Bill Moore

Experience the power of your team building strong bonds and unshakable camaraderie of being in a performance ensemble together.

Debrena Jackson-Gandy

Decide to be great and soar to peak performance! Mindset makeovers will enable you to sustain momentum and increase profitability.

Song Division

Music team building and interactive entertainment options from Song Division will help you create your best meeting or event ever!

Tom Bligh

Raise your teams customer responsiveness from good to excellent!

Cory Fossum

Share the story of your business in ways that inspire your audience to connect and take action!

Tim Gaiser

Learn easy techniques to enhance your appreciation of wines just like a wine connoisseur!

Laura Leist, CPO

Eliminate the Chaos at Work to increase your business productivity and peace of mind.

Dayna Steele

Take your business to the next level and stand out like a rock star!

Taryn Voget

Learn to think like a genius and apply strategies that can transform you and your business!

Dr. Adam Gazzaley

Learn to stay focused as you continue to experience an epidemic of overwhelming stimuli in the world today!

Max Dixon

Create an unforgettable experience and learn the skills to present your absolute best every time!

Laura Schildkraut

Learn how to understand, attract, retain and obtain excellence from your Gen Y employees…

Jerry Yudelson

Improve your profitability by being sustainable and thinking green! Learn specific business strategies that will help your company compete and thrive in tough economic times.

Mary Lou Sanelli

Enjoy a literary feast! Experience a reading in motion and get inspired beyond words.

Janice Hurley Trailor

Achieve corporate success with a powerful personal presence through “first impressions, quality impressions, and lasting impressions”!

Dr. Gloria Burgess

Create a bridge from what was, and what is, to what can be…