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Spiritual Awakening and Inner Journey Women’s Healing Retreat

bell rockSedona, AZ   April 6 – 10, 2018

If you have ever asked, “What will bring me more happiness? What can I do to bring more balance into my life? How can I maintain a calm balance while making a real difference in this world?  Or any other soul-driven questions, this is the place for you. This intensive discovery and inner journey healing retreat in beautiful Sedona, AZ creates a safe space to explore, understand, and grow yourself towards a more empowered, connected you where you learn to tune into your inner wisdom and the healing energy of Sedona so you can begin to heal and love yourself and begin to live the life you are meant to.  Whether you arrive with curiosity and a desire to grow or if you feel a sense of loss, disconnection or confusion, you will transform into a much better place than where you were when you arrived. You will leave with a calm presence, optimism, tools for change, and deep, resonant joy.

Listen to what a few participants said who attended last years retreat:

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