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Take the High Road

imagesCA2JPE7YWhen you stop to think about it, we are presented with opportunities to make choices every single day.  We all would like to think that we always do what is right….but do we? 

Surprisingly enough, doing what right is not always the most popular choice.  What if doing the right thing doesn’t benefit you or those around you? For many people and companies, profits and growth are deemed more important than integrity, trust, and honor.  For example, shutting down a line in a manufacturing plant due to a quality issue delaying shipments which could result in lost sales or bonuses having a large financial impact on employees but it the ethical thing to do.   Providing quality products every time will create loyal customers which is much more important over time.

Once a company or employees adopt a certain way of being or making decision, ethical or not, it builds on itself. As each decision or condition gets added to the pile it makes it harder to change the environment.  And it begins to wear people down as they know it’s not right. When the company establishes values and priorities that are to always do the right thing or make decisions with integrity, it begins to lay the foundation for every decision and action.

The difficult part of doing the “right” thing is knowing without a doubt what it is.  There are often a lot of judgments, opinions and varying points of view.  There is so much information available at our fingertips with technology, we can get mired in detail and get confused.  It is also hard to know fact from fiction on the internet.  

This is where intuition or inner wisdom comes in.  We each inherently know right from wrong.  Once you collect all the data, information and opinions and are narrowing your choices down, take the time to analyze using your heart and not just your head.   Slow down, breathe, connect with that warmth in your heart and ask yourself what is the “right” thing to do.  Ask using yes/no questions and you will always be led in the right direction.   If you stay in your head, your ego will reign supreme and you may or may not get to the right conclusion.  You may end up short changing or short cutting something or someone or making a decision that is not as ethical as it should be because your ego justified it. By connecting with your heart or inner wisdom, you will be on the high road and will never be led astray. 

Professional-Shot-2012 cropMarla Williams is a certified life and business coach focused on helping others achieve happiness and success in life and on the job. Her passion is helping others discover their unique genius so they have clarity around the words that will connect with their ideal client every time. Her gift is her intuitive ability to clearly understand the issues you are facing to help you discover relevant, practical solutions that will directly address your specific needs and empower you to live the life you truly want to live!

She is a trail blazer by nature with many firsts to her credit from founding companies, a school and a ski program to developing departments, teams, programs and degrees. She is a visionary business coach who relies on the richness of 25 years of experience in management, leadership, strategy, organizational development and customer solutions.

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