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Why Me

If you want more of the good life. More peace and calm. More time with family and friends. More freedom to focus on health and what gives you purpose and meaning. If you want to run a business or work at a job that fulfills you or want to do something in the world that is making a difference, then you have come to the right place.

Not that many years ago, I was living what I thought was the American dream. I was a highly successful corporate leader with a beautiful home in the suburbs, a vacation property and two very smart, athletic, active boys providing me with the initiative to be highly engaged as a volunteer leader in our community.

That is when disaster struck…I was diagnosed with a life threatening stress related disease. I could no longer do it all. I had to stop volunteering and retire from my successful and lucrative position in corporate America. I had to put my entire focus on my health and my family. We were devastated both financially and emotionally. During this very exhausting, frustrating and fearful time, we went through many obstacles yet came out stronger on the other end.

Using the power of intuition and the strategies learned from being a corporate leader, we overcame adversity and ended up in a much better place. I decreased stress in my life while learning to care for myself and my family in a healthier way.  I learned to listen to my inner wisdom and began to create the career I was meant to have and the life I always dreamed of. I now love living life for real! No stress, no illness, no being out of balance. It took hitting the wall to wake up and change my life.

Today, I assist individuals in finding their path without going through the pain and struggle I did. I help those who are overwhelmed, stressed, stuck or lost transform their lives finding peace, purpose and prosperity and create the life they are meant to have.


What do I do and what is my background?

I am Marla Williams, the Founder and President/CEO of Practical Solutions Zone. I am an intuitive life, career, business success coach and speaker/trainer. My gift is guiding clients to solutions that are perfect for them whether it be on an individual basis, team basis or for organizations and associations. I am also a coaches coach helping many individual coaches get clarity to launch or build their business.  I offer coaching certification program once per year, let me know if you want to be on my list.

My passion and niche is my intuitive ability to clearly understand the issues my clients are facing and to develop and recommend relevant, practical and targeted tools and solutions that directly address their specific needs. I held progressively responsible leadership positions and was a key team player in helping grow a $12 million dollar company into a $2.3 billion dollar global company while building extreme customer loyalty. My extensive professional background in leadership, strategic planning, human resource management, training and development, project/product management, marketing, customer solutions, consulting, coaching, and speaker management makes me uniquely able to understand and address issues across a wide variety of people, teams and organizations.  I am also certified PHR (Professional in Human Resources) and a Certified Project Manager.

Following my successful career in corporate America, I became certified as an Energy Coach. I was trained to coach using the power of intuition to help people make real and lasting transformations in their lives. I am able to get to the core of issues, see the big picture to find what exactly is blocking my clients and show them how to overcome those challenges and find meaningful results. I then teach my clients these same skills so they can begin to tap into their intuition, learn, grow and heal over their life. Since becoming a coach, I have helped many realize results they never thought obtainable. I’ve helped people find their true calling in life, start their own businesses, and achieve balance to reduce stress in their lives.

On top of my Energy training, I am also certified Reiki Master, highly skilled in EFT, the Healing Codes, trained in Feng Shui and am skilled in multiple other natural healing modalities. As a compliment to my coaching, I utilize and believe in the power of essential oils in healing and for everyday use.  Schedule a complimentary session to learn more about oils and how they can benefit you and your life. Or visit my event page for upcoming Essential Oils classes.  I represent DoTERRA because they only source essential oils from artisans who grow aromatic crops in the indigenous soils of their land and follow our stringent growing and harvesting quality standards. This allows doTERRA to not only offer the world’s finest essential oils, but to also impact the economy in a positive way on a global scale. If you know your oils and would just like to order more for your supply, go to my DoTERRA website.

See what some of my most succesful clients have to say

When talking to you each week, it feels like Jedi Knight Training. It is just like going to Yoda for coaching and training. I look forward to the call every week as it is now my most treasured time. ...read more
– D. Watson, Flooring Business Owner/Leader

Straight from my heart – The Coach Development program with Marla was like nothing I had ever experienced before, from the attention to detail, energy work, to the 1:1 work with Marla. I learned so much not only about becoming a coach, but about myself.  My confidence has sky-rocketed and I am getting out of […] ...read more
– Cybil Spaulding

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